Handbag Museum in a ... Handbag! March 08 2013, 0 Comments

How brilliant is this? The Simone Handbag Museum in Seoul South Korea is located in a Handbag shaped building, designed by Korean architects UAD. It is in fact a purpose-built venue for all things handbag related, commissioned by Simone, a firm that produces bags with a host of A-list designers. As well as the two-storey museum, there will be shops and Simone’s offices – contained inside the giant main pocket.

The museum is a giant homage to an iconic fashion accessory. It houses more than 300 exclusive handbag pieces and gives an historical overview of the handbag throughout the years.

Built over three years, the building itself cost US$3.53 million while another US$1.59 million was spent on securing pieces for the collection.

Visit http://www.simonehandbagmuseum.co.kr

Source: WeHeart, CNN Travel