Future Friendly: Ikku® recycled denim collection May 27 2013, 0 Comments

How clever are these recycled denim laptop, iPad and iPhone covers of Ikku? 

Ikku was launched in January 2012, in Amsterdam by Daniel Archutowski, Frank Bleker and Janneke Grootings. Ikku means ʻcoming and goingʼ in Japanese, an appropriate name as the founders care where all the materials are coming from and where the world is going to.

Ikku calls itself future friendly. All Ikku® products are designed and manufactured using future-friendly techniques and materials, with the aim to minimise the impact on the environment. Recycled denim, organic cotton, timeless and zero-waste designs all make for a longer lasting durable product. The making of the recycled denim is described in detail on the Ikku website. 

Our personal favourites are the Burma collection which is made from traditionally hand-woven fabric from Burma and the Original Indigo Blue.

Visit http://ikkuonline.com