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New eco fashion concept ‘Lease a Jeans’ February 08 2013, 0 Comments


We just came across this new concept of Dutch fashion brand Mud Jeans called ‘Lease a Jeans’ and we love it! It is an idea to make eco fashion accessible and offers customers the opportunity to lease a pair of sustainable jeans for 5 euro per month. The jeans are made from organic and recycled cotton and is produced 100% sustainable and fair trade.

How does it work?
You pay a one off entry fee of 20 euro and commit to a 12 month lease. In total it will cost you 80 euro. After this lease term, you have the choice: (1) you can return the jeans to Mud Jeans (2) you can extend the lease term and pick a new pair of jeans or (3) you can buy the jeans and pay an additional four months deposit of 5 euro. After you have worn out the jeans, you can send the jeans back to Mud Jeans and get a credit of 20 euro to spend on your next purchase. Mud Jeans recycles it and makes a new jeans out of it.     

It is an exciting new innovative idea to bring eco fashion to the attention of the audience. Mud Jeans already got a lot of media attention in the Netherlands.  

Uh....MUD Jeans?
You might think, why did they name their company Mud Jeans? Well, here’s their explanation. Mud is actually a beautiful and multi usable product, made by earth. Mud grows crops, it’s the base for our homes, animals find refreshment in it and it has been used as a beauty product for centuries. As Mud Jeans respects the earth and every living soul on it, their brand name was born.

If you would like to visit Mud Jeans english site, check: Unfortunately they only explain the jeans lease concept in Dutch.